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In-Furrow DAP with Seed and Tolerance to Soil

Fertilizing Canola and Mustard

Nutrient Needs of Oil Seeds: Canola and Sunflower

Winter Canola Fertilizer Requirements

  • Fertilizer recommendations are based on winter wheat and should be used as a reference.
  • Soil should be tested prior to seedbed establishment. Test should include N, P, K, S and other micro nutrients.
  • The major nutrients are required in about the following ratio. N - 5 lbs, P2O5 - 2.4 lbs, K2O - 4 lbs, S - 1 lb
  • In general, canola required approx. 25% more N, P, and K and about twice as much S compared to wheat.
  • Nitrogen can be banded for broadcast to the side of the seed. At lease 1 inch away from the seed.
  • In the fall N, P, K, S should be broadcast prior to planting. Only about 1/3 of the required N should be fall applied. Excess N can reduce winter hardiness.
  • Leaves in the fall determine winter hardiness.
  • Spring (dormancy break) apply the other 2/3 of N.
  • Limit use of liquid nitrogen because of limited absorption and potential burn.
  • Leaves in spring will determine yield.
  • N deficiency symptoms are yellowing of the lower, older leaves in the spring.
  • P deficiency symptoms are poorly developed root system and purple spring leaves.

Canola Fertility Needs


Nitrogen Requirements for Winter Canola Production in the Great Plains


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Fertility N Requirements


Winter Canola - Sulfur Requirements

  • Unlike winter cereals, canola has a high demand of S because of its high content of S-containing proteins. Sulfur allows the plant to use N efficiently.
  • Soils with less than 10 ppm S should receive 25 lbs S per acre.
  • Sulfur can be applied in the fall or with N in the spring.
  • Ammonium sulfate is preferred over elemental form.
  • Sulfur deficiency symptoms generally appear in the spring.
  • Young leaves become chlorotic, poorly developed, cupped with a reddish purple tinge and flowers that are pale yellow.


Sulfate -vs- Elemental Sulfur Part II: Characteristics of S Oxidation to SO4


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