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U.S. Canola Association

U.S. Canola Association


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About the U.S. Canola Association

The U.S. Canola Association (USCA) works to support and advance U.S. canola production, marketing, processing and use through government and industry relations. Since it was first established in 1989, the association has helped domestic canola acreage grow from virtually zero to nearly 1.5 million. It strives to:

  • Develop and implement agricultural policies that provide competitive conditions for U.S. canola production, including uniform seed and product standards and regulations.
  • Promote efficient production of the crop through farmer education programs, crop protection product registration for canola and agronomic research addressing domestic canola production.
  • Develop markets for U.S. canola products through activities aimed at the agricultural sector and consumers. When appropriate, the USCA will work with outside groups to achieve common objectives.

The USCA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and overseen by a board of directors that represents all industry segments, including 10 growers from five regions and up to 15 industry representatives.



The USCA is the only U.S. agricultural organization representing all industry segments, including farmers, processors, food manufacturers, exporters, seed companies and crop protection companies. Board members include canola growers and industry representatives, combining complementary views that shape and benefit the association. Each membership segment has an equal voice in policy development and together they form a broader base for action on legislative, research and regulatory issues.

Among producer board members, all five U.S. canola growing regions are represented, including North Central (N.D., S.D., Minn., and Wisc.), Great Plains (Okla., Kan., Texas, Colo., Mo., Calif., Nev., Neb., Ariz., and N.M.), Pacific Northwest (Wash., Ore., Idaho, Mont., Wy., and Utah), South (Ark., Tenn., N.C., La., Miss., Ala., Ga., S.C. and Fla.) and Midwest (Ill., Mich., Ind., Iowa, Ky., Ohio, W.V., Va., Pa., N.Y., Vt., N.H., Maine, Conn., Del., Md., Mass., N.J., and R.I.).




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