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Oklahoma Oilseed Commission

Oklahoma Oilseed Commission


The purpose of the Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Act shall be to develop programs that will enhance oilseed production, oilseed research, promoting market development and education, and improving profitability of Oklahoma oilseed producers. Each member of the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission is elected by the oilseed producers in the district that member represents.

The Oklahoma Oilseed Commission identifies and coordinates state-wide programs for oilseed, oilseed resources, oilseed market development, oilseed promotion, and education relating to oilseed. The commission also seeks information from oilseed producers and users for purposes of planning and prioritizing expenditures of Commission funds. They protect or represent the best interests of the industry, conduct production, utilization, and policy research that affects the oilseed industry and benefits the profitability of producers. They disseminate reliable information, cooperate with agencies of Oklahoma and other states.

The Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Fund is administered by the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission for the benefit of the oilseed producers. The Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Fund consists of money received by the Commission as proceeds from the assessment imposed pursuant to the Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Act and each individual oilseed shall be distributed by collections to the account of the specific Oilseed.

Any oilseed producer subject to the assessment provided in the Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Act may request a refund ofthe fees so assessed within sixty days following the collection of the fee. Any oilseed producer requesting a refund shall make application to the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission for the refund of the assessment. Along with the application, the oilseed producer shall submit the evidence of payment of the fee and of the amount of oilseed sold required by the Commission. The Commission may verify the accuracy of the request for the refund. Upon receipt of the application for a refund and evidence required, the Commission shall refund the amount of the assessment owed to the producer within thirty days of the date the refund request was received and the Commission received payment from the first purchaser.

The Commission is composed of five elected members who are at least 25 years old and are residents of Oklahoma. They are engaged in the production of oilseed in Oklahoma for at least two years. Oil Seed Commission members derive a portion of their income from the production of oilseed.

The President of the State Board of Agriculture shall be an ex-official and nonvoting member of the Commission. The President may appoint a designee to serve on the Commission in the place of the President. Each of the elected members shall be a resident of, have a farming operation in, and be elected by oilseed producers within a district area.

The districts

  • District 1 consists of the counties of Cimarron, Texas, Beaver, Harper, Woodward, Ellis, Dewey, Roger Mills, and Custer.
  • Distict 2 consists of the counties of Beckham, Washita, Caddo, Grady, Greer, Kiowa, Comanche, Hannon, Jackson, Tillman, and Cotton.
  • District 3 consists ofthe counties of Woods, Alfalfa, Major, Blaine, Kingñsher, Canadian, Grant, Kay, Garfield, Noble, Logan, Payne, Oklahoma, and Lincoln.
  • District 4 consists ofthe counties of Osage, Washington, Nowata, Craig, Ottawa, Pawnee, Rogers, Mayes, Delaware, Creek, Tulsa, Wagoner, Cherokee, Adair, Okolskee, Okmulgee, Muskogee, Sequoyah, and Mclntosh.
  • District 5 consists of the counties of Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Seminole, Hughes, Pittsburg, Haskell, Le Flore, Stephens, Jefferson, McClain, Garvin, Murray, Carter, Love, Pontotoc, Jolmston, Marshall, Coal, Atolca, Bryan, Latimer, Puslimataha, Choctaw, and McCurtain.

An oilseed producer who desires to be a candidate for the commission shall present a petition signed by the potential candidate and at least ten oilseed producers. Along with the petition, the potential candidate shall submit an application for the applicants name to be placed on the ballot. The application must be filed not later than thirty days before the date set for the election.


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Oklahoma Oil Seed Commission

Brent Thompson, Kelly Chain, Alan Mindemann, Brent Rendel, and Lee Leeper

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2012 Farm Demonstration Results - PowerPoint Presentation


2013 Partners in Progress Report - PDF


Commission Checkoff

  • Checkoff set at ½% of the value of the crop
    • Ex: 1800 lb/A yield with a price of $0.164/lb would equal $1.48/A
    • Money for research and variety demos


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