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Membership - U.S. Canola Association

Membership - U.S. Canola Association

U.S. Canola Association
A Golden Opportunity for Our Nation's Health

U.S. Canola Association Membership

USCA is the only U.S. organization representing all industry segments, including:

Food manufactures
Seed Companies
Crop protection companies

Each membership segment has an equal voice in developing policy in support of the USCA mission. Together they form a broader base for action on legislative, research and regulatory issues affecting the industry.


Grower Member

Domestic growers who are actively involved in farming, and who have an interest in canola and contribute at least $25.00

Entitled to vote in membership meetings
Entitled to sit on USCA committees
Subscription to the Canola Grower Magazine
Access to the Members only Section on the USCA website including Washington Updates.

Call 202/969-8113 to Join.


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